Welcome To AliveThyroid!

Welcome to Alive Thyroid. I would like to take a minute to tell you about myself. I am not a Doctor by any means, but I am a thyroid patient who has struggled with my thyroid for years. I have had a thyroid crash after being put on thyroid replacement medication due to the dosage being to little, and also dealt with most, if not all the symptoms that are associated to the thyroid. These symptoms include everything from weight gain to, bones hurting, muscle fatigue, low body temp, hair loss, and problems breathing and swallowing due to my thyroid being enlarged or when a goiter was present.

I had been seeing the same doctor for 8 years and had come to trust her. However last year I had discovered I was having other health issues stemming from my thyroid. I consulted my doctor with my concerns, but she brushed them off saying my TSH levels were fine and my symptoms had nothing to do with my thyroid and sent me to another doctor for further evaluation. After several test completed, and a few doctors later, I was finally getting some answers and yes, it was all going back to my thyroid!

This journey brought to my attention how many people with thyroid issues are not getting the care they need and they aren't informed with the information that can improve their lives and over all health! It's possible to be healthy and feel alive even with a thyroid problem. But why aren't the doctors informing the patients? Why didn't my doctor inform me? This was an outrage to me!

In my quest for knowledge for healthy thyroid lifestyle I have talked with countless doctors, and chiropractors, read many books, and experienced my own trial and errors. I feel it would be wrong not to make this life changing information available to the others, and that is how I have come to making this web site! As I have said before I am NOT a doctor, I am just a very proactive thyroid patient providing information to you. It's my hope and desire that the information on this website provides you with some tools to use with your doctor to attain the maximum health you deserve! So from one thyroid patient to another welcome to Alive Thyroid! Let's get to living!